dimanche 7 juillet 2019

Provoke Trigger Event method : study case N°2

The Trigger Event Model is a design management for Agile marketing [1].

One of its component, the Provoke Trigger Event method, can deliver serendipity, which makes the Trigger Event Model a link between marketing and innovation.

However, implement the Provoke Trigger Event method is most challenging.
Study cases can be helpful.

The following study case is a fictitious story featuring Agile Game Franchisor (AGF-Paris), an innovative IT consulting SME eager to share its findings with its peers by talking at a yearly conference named French Touch Agile Conference.

This following story is fictitious and any resemblance to existing characters or companies would be pure coincidence. The links to the real world and graphic are for illustrative purposes only.

Marketing Fail - Marketing Fail - Innovation

France has become a worldwide reference in Tech.
Why ?
Because of the French Touch, that is, culture and people which make it easy to embrace new methods of thinking and working.
To get a flavor of this French Touch, there is VivaTech [2], a world-class event.

There are also local conferences.

The French Touch Agile Conference is about Agile IT practices and takes place in a major town in France every year.

For the 2018 conference edition, the SME AGF-Paris proposed a talk on Agile games franchising [3].

AGF-Paris had high expectations that the proposal be selected by the conference steering commitee out of other candidates :
  • SEO [agile games] outputs were promising
  • The topic might attrack creative Agile coaches who would be interested to assess the opportunity to pivot to Agile game franchisor
  • A pionneer Agile game franchisor is famous among software agile developpers : it is Mountain Goat Software, USA, who franchises the Agile game Planning Poker [4].
But the French Touch Agile Conference steering commitee turned down the proposition and as a result, the topic was not addressed at the conference.

For the 2019 edition, AGF-Paris proposed a workshop on Agile marketing.

Again, there were high expectations to be chosen :
  • SEO [agile marketing] outputs were promising
  • The topic might attrack Agile IT coaches who would be eager to explore opportunities beyond IT, for instance with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • The Agile marketing workshop would use a state-of-the-art digital workplace, which is an Agile marketing enabler.
Again, the proposition was turned down and, again, the topic was left unaddressed at the conference.

Following this double fail, AGF-Paris announced
  • a new type of serious game/business game, which is called Enterprise Adventure Game 
  • a specimen of this innovative serious/business game, which is about Agile marketing [5].
An Enterprise Adventure Game is a serious game/business game such as these which are operated by business schools in executives ou MBA programmes, but it leverages Agile games [6].

Questions :
  1. What could be the possible reasons why the steering commitee of French Touch Agile Conference turned down the proposition of a talk on Agile games franchising ?
  2. What could be the possible reasons why the steering commitee turned down the proposition of a workshop on Agile marketing ?
  3. Imagine a process that could have driven AGF-Paris to create a new type of serious game/ business game ? 
  4. What capabilities should be mobilized in your enterprise to implement the Provoke Trigger Event method ?

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