lundi 2 juillet 2018

Agile beyond IT : joyful business activity by design [juil 2018]

How about "Joyful by design" as a path of "Agile beyond IT" ?

From our research, we now know that there are four classes of Agile instruments : frameworks, methods, design canvases and Agile games [1].

When digitalized, design canvases and Agile games can be more or less joyful :

  • some are outputs of a mere gamification of a management practice 
  • others are outputs of a direct digitalization of a physical game : these are joyful by design

To help nurturing your thinking, please contemplate these cases

  • the set of playing cards Planning Poker® [2], and an App where key performances indicators (KPI) can be polled by Agile team members ;
  • the canvas of the BMC  [3] and the canvas of the Agile game Speed Boat  [4].

Two kinds of instruments for KPI collaborative management

[1] A taxonomy for Agile games : proof of concept
[2] Invented by James Grenning, franchised by Mountain Goat Software, USA.
[3] "Business Model Canvas" graphic, created Yves Pigneur and Alexander Osterwalder, franchised by Strategyzer, Schweiz.
[4] Created by Luke Hohmann, franchised by Conteneo Inc, USA.


July 2021update

Conteneo Inc. has been integrated into ScaleAgile Inc. 

A 100 : un éditeur de référentiel Agile rachète un éditeur d'outils Agile [sept 2020], L'entreprise numérique créative

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