jeudi 3 mai 2018

A definition for Agile game : joyful collaborative tool

As "jeu agile" (Agile game immediate translation into French) was felt to be a little bit weird for administrations which have not yet engaged their tranformation  to Agile, the phrase  "outil collaboratif convivial" was used in a question posted on the Questions & Answers forum of the digital market place of French public operators (PLACE) upon a call for tender posted early 2018.

How would you translate back from French to English  "outil collaboratif convivial" ?

Google Transation would say : "friendly collaborative tool"

How about "joyful collaborative tool" ?

 A definition by design of Agile game

Should you visit "About us" page of Scrum Alliance, which claims 725,000 practitioners worldwide, you would read that Scrum Alliance vision is to "create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustainable" [1]

The Planning Poker card game is probably the first Agile game to be widely used. The game was invented by James Grenning. It is franchised by Moutain Goat Software, USA, which holds a registered trademark on it [2].

Here is another joyful collaborative tool,  4AgileAces [3].
Tru Do-Khac created it to help planning Agility transformation in large enterprises and administrations. It is franchised by Dô-Khac Decision, France.

[1] Scrum Alliance
[2] Source : USPTO TESS
[3] 4AgileAces

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La pédagogie "Short MOOCs en Réseau" a été retenue par la plateforme d'innovation ouverte de l'association Pacte PME recherchant pour le compte d'une entreprise membre un outil innovant de transformation numérique des ressources humaines.

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