mardi 12 février 2019

Agile marketing, now on show ! [fev 2019]

To become Agile, the Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) can get inspiration from his business partner the Chief Digital & Information Officer (CDO/CIO).

A discussion may include the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which was issued in 2001 [1].
Then, the pair might take a look at the so called Agile Marketing Manifesto, issued eleven years later, in 2012 [2].

And the next question would then be neither "Why" nor "What", but "How".

Agile software development team are using Agile games.

What if you CMO ask the CDO/CIO to share a session of Agile games ? [3]

Or to treat yourself with some packs of Agile games ?

For 2019 New year, Do-Khac Decision launched an offer which targeted CIO : as a result, search engine optimizer (SEO) with Google Images [agile games 2019].sent Do-Khac Decision site on the top position [4]

But the offer is not exclusive for CIO / CDO ! 

[3]  A 7-features model to assess the instrinsic value of an Agile game, L'entreprise numérique créative, 3 Dec. 2018
[4] CIO, for the new year 2019, what if you treat your business partners with Agile games ? Do-Khac Decision,3 Dec. 2018

Update Feb. 20, 2019
on Feb. 12, there were two Do-Khac Decision labels on top lines (the above picture) ; on Feb 15, there are four of them.

You can see them on the picture on the Agile marketing seminar that Do-Khac Decision announced the same day [5]. The seminar discusses about the Trigger Event Model [6] and gives an Agile games experience to illustrate what agility means for an agile development team.

[5] Agile marketing seminar, Do-Khac Decision, 15 Feb. 2019
[6] Agile marketing : the Trigger Event Model, L'entreprise numérique créative, 26 Feb. 2019

Update July 7, 2019 
As a result of a "Provoke Trigger Event" action [a]  Do-Khac Decision transformed the seminar into an Enterprise Adventure Game [b1][b2]

[a] Provoke Trigger Event method : study case N°2, Gouvernance numérique de l'entreprise créative, 7 juillet 2019
[b1] Agile marketing The Game Part 1, Do-Khac Decision, 5 July 2019
[b2] Definition : Enterprise Adventure Game, in five intrinsic characteristics, L'entreprise numérique créative, 31 May 2019

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