dimanche 4 août 2019

Towards agile marketing and agile procurement [aug 2019]

18 years after the release of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, most Chief Information Officers (CIO) have engaged their journey to agility and started to furnish their teams with new methods [1a][1b] and tools [1c].

But, once the journey completed, the promises of agile information systems would be fully delivered if and only if the IT users of the business departments have done their own agile transformation.

The hottest users are in marketing and procurement departements.

For the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), it means to be able to "continuously source promising opportunities or solutions to problems in real time, deploying tests quickly, evaluating the results, and rapidly iterating" [2]

For the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), it means to be able to :
  1. "know, in real time, when conditions and demands vary from what is anticipated". 
  2. "nimbly change course in response to the unexpected" [3].
These capabilities require not only agile information systems but also "flexible decision making, methods and processes, human resources and assets".

Such methods are the Trigger Event Model [4] methods and the Pivot Supply methods.

To implement these methods, practising study cases and leveraging the heutagogic [5] capabilities of Enterprise Adventure Game [6] are efficient approaches.

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