mardi 12 février 2019

Agile marketing, now on show !

To become Agile, the Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) can get inspiration from his business partner the Chief Digital & Information Officer (CDO/CIO).

A joint discussion should address the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which was issued in 2001 [1].

Then, this discussion might invite to take a look at the so called Agile Marketing Manifesto, issued eleven years later, in 2012 [2].

And therefore, the next question would be neither "Why" nor "What", but "How".

Following this short story, what if you CMO ask the CDO/CIO to share a session of Agile games ? [3a] [3b]

[3a]  A 7-features model to assess the value of an Agile game
[3b] CIO, for the new year 2019, what if you treat your business partners with Agile games ?

Update Feb. 20, 2019
It took only 16 months for Do-Khac Decision to make this journey and take this fantastic markteting position within the business consulting sector.
Should you like to transform your current marketing capability into an Agile marketing capability, Do-Khac Decision would be pleased to share insights of its own practice. An opportune vehicule  would be a co-produced seminar.

Update Feb 27, 2019

Nominations 2014 et 2015

La pédagogie "Short MOOCs en Réseau" a été retenue par la plateforme d'innovation ouverte de l'association Pacte PME recherchant pour le compte d'une entreprise membre un outil innovant de transformation numérique des ressources humaines.

L'innovation frugale du "Personal MOOC" a été élue Trophée IT Innovation Forum 2015.